#3 - my unicycle has a puncture

David foolishly upgraded to Skype 2.2 beta and lost the ability to speak. This hiccup nearly sabotaged episode 3 and embarrassed us as we welcome Gordon Sinclair (thistleweb) as our first guest on the virtual sofa.

Gordon’s an experienced podcaster on TechBytes and Hacker Public Radio and has also produced a series of excellent screencasts which are invaluable for any novice/intermediate Mint and Drupal users.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of dearly, departed listener Maxime Pelletier. To paraphrase the CRM saying, ‘It takes years to acquire a new listener and seconds to lose one’.

His damning words still haunt us so we open the broadcast in French just for Maxime.

Sorry, but can’t listen to the first episode of #tinap. It’s giving me an headache.

Inspired by episode 200 of Linux Outlaws and in answer to hundreds of enquiries from listeners (‘How the hell do you produce audio of that quality ?’), we describe the comprehensive and expensive studio setup and audio equipment that powers ‘This Is Not A Podcast’.

Clearly this is very complicated to describe so David helpfully created a ‘schematic’ to illustrate our infrastructure.

We bask in the glory of our first written review from Dick Turpin who loves the ‘running order’ and celebrate the creation of the !tinap group on identi.ca.

We discuss whether Direct Messages are useful and consider Bradley Kuhn’s idea for a ‘Must Read’ list which is coming in StatusNet 1.0.

We commit to taking frostbite up on his very kind offer of making a Mumble server available that may meet our simple podcasting needs. Mumble/Murmur is an open source VOIP solution that may enable us to uninstall Skype and lose that lucrative sponsorship deal.

Oil is poured over recent controversies regarding Skype (yawn), KDE versus Gnome and CrunchBang’s decision to use BitTorrent as the sole means of distribution.

In response to feedback, the unpopular ‘Sport’ section completely ignores football and focusses instead on Sheepdog Trials in Wales.

Episode 3 - ‘My Unicycle Has A Puncture’ (54m 57s).

Ogg (mono): TINAP3mono.ogg (13.7MB)

Ogg (stereo): TINAP3.ogg (17.7MB)

MP3 (mono): TINAP3.mp3 (18.7MB)

Communitise the community and use BitTorrent.

Running order (accurate to 1/10 second)

00:00 Mon monocycle a une crevaison
00:26 Och aye the noo, Gordon!
01:15 TechBytes
02:24 Hacker Public Radio
03:03 Linux Mint and Drupal
04:19 TINAP Sound System
05:09 I don’t really want to bring it to people’s attention
05:41 I thought it was some phallic symbol
06:32 Stereo for life
08:11 It was a bit ropey
09:52 @dickturpin’s review
11:44 How to deal with a bad review
12:02 Free sex
13:16 We’re all big boys and we can take it
13:41 Short fat hairy legs
15:11 Where recursive acronyms lead
16:38 I’m not Welsh!
17:45 A bit like the French
19:01 The best thing to come out of Scotland
20:03 The mouse in my room
21:18 Andy’s Inner Circle of Trust vapourware
22:55 Identica > Twitter
23:57 I’m taking my bra off
25:15 Self-promotion
26:32 Kevin Smith
27:33 Skype is the only game in town
29:13 We’ve got a very strict timetable
30:42 Skype War
33:00 Rowche Mumble
34:07 KDE War
36:59 OpenSuse 11.4
37:42 Gloating GNOME people
38:15 Torrentgate
40:13 CrunchBang
42:10 Ubuntu GNOME Remix and Elementary OS
43:52 Sheep shaving and Caerphilly cheese
46:09 Yoga not yoghurt
47:03 Tea break
48:11 Has Fernando Torres Scored For Chelsea? (via @rpcutts http://identi.ca/notice/70933762 )
49:15 Any predictions, Luke?
50:12 Music - ‘Jimmy Carter’ by 20lb Sounds
54:02 Outtakes

Further Reading

Many thanks to our special guest Gordon for appearing on the show. Gordon has produced a series of excellent Drupal/Mint screencasts and blogs over at Digital Prism. Gordon also presents a podcast which is a podcast - TechBytes.

Dick Turpin (who is not an ageing, bald headed highwayman from Wolverhampton) was kind enough to post a detailed review of ‘This Is Not A Podcast’.

Stav created an identi.ca group !tinap for tinap enthusiasts with a brilliant logo.

Richard makes Andy’s life complete by inventing a recursive acronym for ‘tinap’.

Gordon recommends two British TV comedies - ‘Absolutely’ and ‘Still Game’ and would like film producer Kevin Smith (Smodcast) to have a presence on identi.ca.

Jonathan, who produces a series of ‘This Week in…’ podcasts kindly offers TINAP access to a Mumble server to evaluate this open source VOIP technology.

This week’s heated discussions on identi.ca

  • Skype (again).
  • The tricky first release of a major desktop environment - KDE/Gnome.
  • Torrentgate and Phillp’s decision to distribute CrunchBang using BitTorrent only.

David is ‘keeping an eye on’ Ubuntu Gnome Remix. [The phrase ‘keeping an eye on’ is © Linux Outlaws and appears with kind permission of Dan.]

Bradley Kuhn’s suggestion for a ‘Must Read’ list and Evan’s response with similar functionality coming in StatusNet 1.0.

Andy’s logical extrapolation of this concept is the ‘Inner Circle of Trust’.