#9 - The Prince of Aberystwyth

'This Is Not A Podcast' is very pleased to welcome the founder of StatusNet and CEO of E14N - Evan Prodromou.

Evan clarifies the pronounciation of Pump I/O - much to David’s disgust who wanted a ‘dot’.

David tries to endear himself to Evan by composing and devoting a song ‘Pump Dot IO' to the great man which brings Evan to tears. Literally.

Evan talks about the demands of giving sensible interviews to technical and non-so-technical audiences and recommends:

Evan discusses some of the lessons learned from StatusNet, the rationale for creating yet another social networking platform and development of different clients including the notorious OpenFarmGame, the mere mention of which makes Andy hyperventilate.

Andy plays Devil’s Advocate to ask deep, probing, uncomfortable questions about the lack of a StatusNet to Pump bridge, limitations in the Web client, broken notifications etc.

Evan sheds light on the future of StatusNet/GNU Social and discusses the business model for Pump which is rather different from StatusNet.

Evan senses an increased level of developer interest and participation in the Pump platform, with the development of libraries, clients and services for a relatively young platform.

Evan is honest enough to give his post-mortem analysis on the now legendary StatusNet to Pump migration which overran slightly and his thoughts on the pros and cons of dealing with demanding users.

Andy gets bored of the technical talk and gives Evan a quick French test.

The ‘Quick Fire Question Round’ attempts to reveal the man behind Evan Prodromou. Some of his answers will amuse, entertain and occasionally shock you.

Evan outlines his short term goals for version 0.3.0 which are to address fundamental usability issues in the Pump software.

The team also help Evan by helping him practice for his Canadian Citizenship examination.

After the Lord Mayor’s Show

The lads are left momentarily speechless as Evan rejoins his family for croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice on vacation.

Andy and David mourn the passing of Google Reader, demand explanations from Luke and welcome our newest listener - the NSA.

Neighbourhood Watch turns its attention to a flurry of criminal activity in Leith (nr. Scotland) and we summarise a recent spate of celebrity deaths and illnesses.

'Gardener's Question Time' features David's roundup of his attempts at self-sufficiency in West London (without the aid of Felicity Kendal).


Devoid of any football matches whatsoever, we celebrate another British success in the Tour de France and talk about music instead.

Podcast Watch

Podcast Watch has enjoyed Duffercast - a bunch of old duffers discussing a wide ranging and frankly bizarre set of topics and Douglas’ latest addition to the Sportazine media empire - TINT.

Andy celebrates Nev Wilshire, the David Brent like boss of a Swansea call centre who motivates new hires with a karaoke version of ‘Mr. Brightside’.

The longest TINAP episode ever is rounded off by a spontanous outburst of ‘Rant-O-Cast’ by Andy where he impersonates Richard Wilson and sounds off about various people and activities that irritate him.

Episode 9 - ‘The Prince of Aberystwyth’ (1:59:34)

Ogg (mono): ogg (27.1 MB)
MP3 (mono): mp3 (28.1 MB)
Ogg (stereo): stereo (38.5 MB)

Running Order

0:00 Are we recording ?
4:00 It’s The Pump Dot IO Song!
8:38 Beep beep
9:33 Federation / It means nothing to me
14:23 Motivation, inspiration
18:20 The last resort
19:58 OFG! Heavy breathing
21:45 Change, masochism
23:58 Love, hate, fragmentation, money
31:47 The future for Status.Net
34:59 Pump.io business model / Headless social server
38:45 Butt plugs / Pi pumps / Ouya Hoohah!
42:00 PaaS support / OpenShift etc.
45:25 Family federations
48:58 Developer community
53:10 The future for IdentiCurse / Muon and PyPump
55:30 Hit me with a hard one
1:00:10 What’s the point of migrating Identi.ca ?
1:04:10 Our number one listener
1:10:10 The Persians
1:11:20 Parlez vous Francais ?
1:13:45 The Quick-Fire Question Round
1:16:57 Why don’t my notification indicators go down to zero ?
1:18:15 People need to get off my case and stop bothering me
1:19:10 3rd party development / PumpMigrate / Pump2RSS
1:20:20 Evan’s dad (NSFW)
1:22:10 The Prince of Aberystwyth
1:25:30 This whole thing is kind of ridiculous !
1:28:30 Do you guys want me to get off ?
1:29:10 The death of Google Reader / the NSA / Encrypted email
1:34:47 Murder in Leith / Torturing children with rhubarb
1:36:20 The Curse of TINAP
1:38:00 The pineapple didn’t take off
1:39:32 Sports Section / TDF / Drugs
1:42:00 Music Section / The Stone Roses gig / Open mic nights / 20lb Sounds / Glastonbury / The National
1:47:25 Podcast Watch / TINT / The Duffercast
1:52:06 TV Round-up / The Call Centre
1:53:58 Andy’s Rants / split scarves / split rounds / pint drinkers / transfer talk / TZAG
1:58:09 Outtakes

#8 - The Second Coming

Comeback Kid

'Where the hell have you lot been ?'

  • Luke - left Aberyswyth and moved 820 miles to work for the prestigious technology company, Google, in sunny Zurich.
  • David - moved 7 miles to grow his own potatoes, carrots and cauliflower and pineapples. Embarked on securing his football coaching badges culminating in England lifting the World Cup in 2018.
  • Andy - overcame a minor health issue to emerge victorious. Diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder following the events of Sunday 13 May 2012.


In the laziest podcast competition with sawtell, we finally capitulate and blink first. We held out for 15 months though.

Some interesting folk who have been entertaining us recently:

Apparently, there is another podcast named ‘This Is Not A Podcast’. Our lawyers have been instructed.

Andy moves his blog yet again (from Drupal to Octopress) and David still feels guilty about abandoning Habari.

Luke swaps the hills of Aberyswyth for the mountains of Switzerland.



In the 15 month hiatus, TINAP has a new domain name, new web site, new subscription options (separate subscription options for Ogg/MP3/Stereo) and the reassuringly same old crap audio quality (this time courtesy of Luke who is halfway up the Matterhorn).

Episode 8 - ‘The Second Coming’ (59m 08s)

Ogg (mono): ogg (30.4MB)
MP3 (mono): mp3 (29.7MB)
Ogg (stereo): stereo (31.3MB)

Running Order

0:00 Welcome to Season 2
1:15 The Sawtell stand-off
2:05 Screwing around with the sound system
2:20 Luke moves to Switzerland
3:10 Andy’s wife reads the Daily Mail
3:40 David gets down with the kids
4:00 How’s about this then?
7:00 Gardeners’ Question Time
8:18 #RhubarbRhubarb
9:30 New and interesting folk on Identi.ca
11:45 Stav’s TINAP Identi.ca poll
13:00 How not to make a podcast
15:26 Andy’s minor health issue
16:43 Space jump
17:26 Google Zurich
19:30 Virtual Andyc
23:04 Andy’s new Virgin Media router arrives
25:06 A very curious death to solve
25:57 How we all abandoned Habari
27:06 Deep psychological analysis
28:48 It’s just a head fuck
30:58 Cuckoo clocks, cowbells and Swiss maids
31:49 Zurich to Aberystwyth via Wolverhampton
40:38 @Marjoleink yak shaving
41:37 Solus OS
43:08 Goobuntu
44:50 Feedback
46:18 Name and shame
49:33 Amazuntu
52:15 Being: Liverpool - the bizarre world of Brendan Rodgers
57:24 Luke live microblogs the football
58:34 Outtakes


Footballers being twits on twitter. Yawn.

We discuss the strange motivational techniques of Brendan Rogers. David thinks he will lose his job by Christmas.

limited edition 10 minute trailer

David reminds himself how to use Audacity by creating a special ‘Worst Of’ compilation of ‘This Is Not A Podcast’.

Trailer (9m 25s)

Ogg: Ogg (9.0MB)
MP3: MP3 (9.3MB)

Digitally remastered and cynically released in time for Christmas, this 10 minute TINAP trailer is handy for:

  • check your favourite bits are included
  • test yourself by identifying each speaker
  • marvel at the sound quality improvements
  • show your friends what they missed
  • listen for 10 minutes not 10 hours

Do not stand at my grave and cry
TINAP is not there; TINAP will never die.

#7 - Good moaning, Darlo

Guest Informant

In order to initiate the TINAP globalisation strategy, Luke Slater is flown first class to California only to discover a note on Josh Wood’s door saying ‘Gone Fishing’.

Undeterred, we call upon Richard Cutts who graces us with his presence on the sofa, brandishing a bottle of Hooky Gold and meekly covering his ‘Inner Circle Of Trust’.

Long standing identi.ca user, Richard, founded the ‘First Against The Wall’ (fatw) group, coined the legendary ‘Good Moaning’ greeting and regales the world with his daily commuting woes on ‘Northern Rail’. Richard also has a strange hybrid Yorkshire/Geordie accent - mainly to confuse Richard Fontana.

Richard sings the praises of Josh Wood and Luke claims he once understood one of his American literature references without recourse to Google.


James Robertson expands his media publishing empire with the exciting launch of multiple branded ‘JR’ microsites:

Some identica folk produce some exciting experiments pushing the envelope with the rich media capabilities of Google Plus.

Richard and Ed post artistic self portraits and invite the Internet to answer ‘#amihotornot’ while Josh posts a recipe for fricassee with plenty of paprika (without cat piss).

If you can’t see these links, then you’re not in the appropriate ‘Inner Circle Of Trust’ but to hell with our guests’ privacy, civil liberties and FREEDOM.

A classic recursive thread on identi.ca involving the use of ‘Acronyms used before set’.

Scott Evans lets us down and dents our confidence in all Australians by failing to provide his promised feedback. He is now blacklisted, black balled and banned from the premises.

Oxbrow Luke reads a prepared statement from Josh Wood explaining (sort of) his absence from the sofa which David struggles to understand.


There is no Errata section. Episode 6 was perfect in every regard.

Podcast Watch

David gives a shout out to the Open Tech Exchange Podcast hosted by Mark Clarke and Darlene Parker.

David gels his hair into a sharp quiff and listens to some psychobilly, blues and ska coutrtesy of the Goat Rodeo hosted by Andy Barilla.

We all have a bloody good laugh at the Linux Action Show’s childish spat with Linux Outlaws and an even better laugh at the hosts (‘Beavis and Butthead’) with their oh so stylish 1970’s haircuts.


David looks at open source alternatives to Google Plus and we struggle to pronounce Diaper, Disprin, Diaspora and Friendika - Ulrika’s Johnsson’s entry into social networking.

David also assists Michele creating a powerful spamming utility that simultaneously cross posts to identi.ca, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Matt Lee shows great spirit and answers random, probing questions from Luke and David for a full hour.

Episode 7 - ‘Good Moaning, Darlo’ (1h 26m 00s)

Ogg (mono): TINAP7.ogg (28.1MB)
Ogg (stereo):TINAP7stereo.ogg (33.9MB)
MP3 (mono): TINAP7.MP3 (29.5MB)

Running Order

0:00 TINAP theme tune
0:32 Big Ben and The Little One
1:12 A tightly coiled spring
2:14 A flagrant waste of syllables
3:33 The running order
4:43 Indoctrination
5:14 I hate freedom
6:51 Hooky Gold and Maltesers
7:45 Twatface
8:30 Speaking of football…
9:51 Beautiful women and sick bags
10:46 Danger level high
12:30 Andy’s pyramid friend scheme
13:56 My ass is twitching
14:51 Gone fishing
15:34 On the train
16:41 A message from our sponsors
17:18 The JR media empire
19:22 Single use whiteboards
22:26 #microbeating
23:28 Erections and rotting fish
24:27 Multiple orgasms and Google+
26:40 The StatusNet federation
27:51 IdentiThing and dialects
29:05 Hot or not?
30:40 EOD
32:30 Feedback
33:49 Oggcast Watch
36:08 The German anal to Josh Wood segue
38:47 Podcast Watch
40:44 A 70s’ mullet and Jesus
45:58 Hot beverages with milk
46:34 Google Windmills’ private hangout
52:57 A handy checklist of people not to talk to
54:03 The entire internet needs to know my gender
56:51 Diaper*
59:10 Friendika-ka-ka-ka-ka!
1:03:21 When worlds collide
1:09:30 StatusNet 1.0
1:11:03 Corporate evil
1:11:56 You disgust me!
1:15:00 Cheesecake eating bastards
1:15:56 Our friend Ted
1:20:54 #Innovation
1:22:48 Pimping @jpope’s wallpaper
1:24:00 The sports section
1:25:20 Outtakes

Further Reading

An infinitely long identi.ca thread on why Google is evil (part 1,297,539 of 20 billion)

Paul Adams’ lengthy (224 slides) presentation about the development and rationale behind the design of Google Plus.

David shows off his culinary expertise in the kitchen while Luke shows some hidden artistic tendencies pondering on windmills and the true meaning of Google Plus.

Another aspring creative type, Jeremy Pope, makes his excellent, crisp, striking photography available for use as wallpapers.

Unfortunately, Evan’s back problems means he has to adopt a standing up desk having previously declared war on standing up.

Evan also announces at OSCON that the official StatusNet song will now be Radiohead’s ‘Sit Down, Stand Up’.

The legendary and surreal deluxe paprika thread.

Patrick Archibald kindly adds TINAP to his list of freedom loving OggCasts with handy access to the identi.ca dents and groups for each podcast.

Patrick has also created a handy Web site, dentimage.com to quickly grab an image of your favourite dents.

If you don’t want to divulge your gender to Google. Other social networks are available:

Matt Lee shows a great sense of humour in a free and open (in every sense of the word) question and answer session on identi.ca.

Welcome to the wonderful and frightening world of Ted Smith, womyn’s rights, feminism and rape apologists.

#6 - Get Your CoCs Out

After a decent rest, the team reassemble to produce a bumper edition timed at the duration of a football match (including injury time).

In an effort to give both listeners a slim chance of identifying the British accents and regional dialects, the gang perpetually introduce and thank each other profusely by name throughout.

Fresh from the triumphant completion of his first year’s undergraduate course at Aberystwyth, Luke reviews a couple of fast food outlets available in that fine city.

In the new ‘Takeways’ section inspired by Tim Bray, Luke favours ‘Finger Lickin’ Chicken’ for its close proximity to the Pier nightclub although he docks 10 points for only selling Coca Cola Light. Finger Lickin’ just edges out Sam’s Fried Chicken (‘hard chicken, sometimes live’) but enjoys an excellent location adjacent to the legendary 24 hour Spar.

Like all embryonic podcasts, the urgent need for a TINAP Code of Conduct (CoC) is finally recognised which inevitably leads to 43 minutes of smutty, Viz style innuendo and endless double entendres.

Helpful hints and tips for coping with the stresses and strains of commuting are discussed in a vain effort to restore Richard (train rambler) Cutts’ sanity.


r7 corrected loads of embarrassing musical related errors which we are pleased to correct.

The fine art of podcast plagiarism is discussed so David introduces a brilliant new innovation - Room x11r5 - which is, in no way, inspired by Room x1101 from The Dick Turpin Roadshow. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Dr. Michael C. Harris and Andy are locked in a deadly embrace of not having the requisite knowledge to appear on each other’s fictional podcasts.

StatusNet appoint a new CEO, Mark Ruddock, who won’t actually eat his own dog food and use identi.ca. Luke is dispatched to Canada with a tin of Pedigree Chum and a pair of rusty pliers to rectify this situation.

David claims he’s an intellectual (like Josh Wood) by joining a social network aimed at ferocious, voracious readers called ‘Byliner’.

A recent unplanned 6 hour outage on identi.ca forces us to confront the elephant in the room and contemplate escape routes if identi.ca ever, God forbid, became permanently unusable.

David expresses an interest in self-hosting his own StatusNet instance but is completely bamboozled by reading ‘INSTALL’ so goes back to smoking his pipe and reading books.

Andy produces documentary evidence that a Web based installer was included in Laconica 0.7 that made installation as easy as the famous 5 minute WordPress installation.

We anticipate the release of StatusNet 1.0 by pondering on how close Evan is to his stated target of 1,000,000 StatusNet instances.

Luke has concerns about whether the StatusNet 1.0 API will be extended to support development of fully functional StatusNet clients (e.g conversations).

Despite wearing industrial ear defenders, we are deafened by the prolonged and very loud Telecaster feedback kindly provided by Fabian Scherschel.

Podcast Watch enjoys kevie's new TuxJam podcast with an interesting mix of music and Open Source software and his soft Scottish accent which brings poet Ivor Cutler to mind.

The incredibly busy Fab partners with Bradley Kuhn to start the Rant o’Fab & Kuhn podcast and discuss ‘Godwin’s Law’ (You’re just like Hitler, you are’).

Doug Whitfield and Tim Ray produce two podcasts - MusicManumit together with a talk show while Stephen produces a show with a more political slant - CyberUnions.

Andy splashes out on an Acer netbook, installs Chromium OS on it (rendering the 250GB hard disk redundant) and enjoys the experience until he lost his internet connection for 3 hours.

Andy and Luke are privileged enough to witness The Mighty Fall in person in London and Manchester respectively and confirm they are ‘Always different, always the same’.

'This Is Not A Podcast' is very proud and honoured to present the wonderful 'I Am Not Left Handed' introducing their latest single 'Alone (It’s not so bad)’ from the forthcoming album ‘The Fire And The Sigh’.

The sports roundup mourns the death of Rob Daley, the father of young British diver, Tom Daley and provides the exciting and predictable conclusion to Andy’s London Olympics ticket saga.

We also look at Wimbledon, or at least the footage of Pippa Middleton and a pretty blonde lady sucking on a strawberry in a suggestive manner.

Episode 6 - ‘Get Your CoCs Out’ (1h 36m 06s).

Ogg (mono): TINAP6.ogg (30.0MB)
Ogg (stereo): TINAP6stereo.ogg (36.6MB)
MP3 (mono): TINAP6.mp3 (33.0MB)

Running order

00:46 Dick Turpin’s is 19 inches long
01:11 In praise of The Dick Turpin Roadshow
01:25 Shall we try and do this better ?
03:00 The bells, the bells !
05:58 Finger Lickin’ good !
06:34 Coca Cola Light considered harmful
08:15 Sponsored by ‘So near, so Spar’
09:09 Plucking is extra
11:04 Self calibration
12:26 Calls for abuse via audio
13:30 CoC !
14:41 We do what we want
16:24 Just kill me
17:00 Richard Cutts is a tightly coiled spring
18:21 Free love
18:44 CoC assignment for all guests
21:58 XMPP’s broken. Again
22:12 What would David do ?
22:50 Crush with byliner
26:44 1 million StatusNet instances ?
30:37 Corporate bullshit
33:04 Whistle right, left wheel
36:43 Zoom on that
39:00 Room x11r5
44:37 Prolonged, ear splitting, loud feedback
46:32 Farmyard noises most welcome
46:55 Dictaphone at Morrisons
50:15 My other laptop is a data centre
52:42 Then I saw the light, embraced freedom and grew a beard
55:22 I often hit the hotspot
58:00 Linux Outlaws - best Linux podcast !
58:30 Jousting on horses at OggCamp
60:48 John Peel under the covers
61:00 Grits for tea, Ma’am
62:00 Portuguese sirens
62:28 See you in court
64:18 I’m a Communist
66:44 Camden’s full of tossers
68:33 Humping the lift counterweight
71:17 Just an old folk band
72:11 Morrissey is murder
74:00 Coldplay rant
75:11 U2 turn Yellow
78:12 Music: I Am Not Left Handed - ‘Alone (It’s not so bad)’
82:54 Gonna be a rock journalist
83:23 Commuter rant
83:50 Buy some bloody shoes
84:04 Impatience on the iPad
85:01 Walk fast in a straight line !
86:23 Luke loses at Waterloo
89:07 Olympics tickets verdict
89:43 Super Sloppy Seconds
93:18 Suck on my strawberry
95:12 Emotional farewells

Further Reading

The Parlementum site provides a live preview of the look and feel of StatusNet 1.0.

The history of Fab’s Telecaster from the man himself:

The guitar is called Leilani and started life as a Made in Mexico (MIM) Standard Telecaster with sunburst finish. I bought it in 2004. I have since changed the neck (the current neck is from a MIM Baja Tele) and stripped down the paint on the body. I’ve refurbished it late last year in vintage blonde myself. The electronics are all custom by now with a modded Leosounds neck pickup and a 52’ RI bridge pickup and corresponding old-style bridge. I’ve also build in an S3-switch and change the whole cabling while shielding the inside as well. So in short, it’s a true Frankencaster now, all modded to hell but exactly as I like it.

Dan Lynch’s excellent review of Unity.

Podcast Watch

Celebrity Feedback

'My main 'Takeway' from TINAP 6 was the Takeaways' - Tim Bray

#5 - Canny Bag O’Tudor

The long awaited episode 5 finally emerges and welcomes Ed Morgan (mo6020) to share a can of Red Stripe on the virtual sofa. We hold Ed to his bold promise that ‘TINAP is awesome and could only be improved by me appearing on the show’. Ed is forced to endure the standard ‘This Is Not A Podcast’ initiation ceremony of waiting for a full 75 minutes while Andy fails to configure his audio from a Cairo hotel room (again).

However, the show must go on and the ‘ABORT ABORT ABORT’ message broadcast on identi.ca is subsequently aborted with just seconds to spare. Which was nice.

Ed tries to make up for the fact he isn’t a Geordie by telling us he in possession of a stolen respirator unit from the British Army.

The gang attempt to spice up the show - mainly for r7's benefit - with occasional hidden, oblique references to The Fall.

In tribute to our newly married Prince and Princess, we blast out a hearty rendition of the National Anthem (apart from the staunch Republican David) although, inevitably, his resolve weakened and he joined in.

The new, exciting ‘Errata’ section, detailing all our cock ups and mishtakes with fulsome apologies to all and sundry, lasts most of the show.

Ed gets his guitar out to introduce the legendary ‘Feedback’ section as we review Richard Fontana's assorted and cryptic thoughts on the show.

Luke tries and fails to impersonate an ocean liner by blowing over a can of Kronenburg 1664.

'Podcast Watch' reviews the inaugural epsiode of The Dick Turpin Road Show tdtrs featuring Dick Turpin and Matt chatting en-route in a car (with the radio on) to Rathole Radio in Liverpool.

We fuel rumours of another UK based podcast being fermented in Scotland by Gordon Sinclair and Kevie (with occasional random contributions from weeguy).

Andy reviews the Royal Wedding street party and bemoans his defeat in the scooter racing to a four year old girl.

Luke spends 3 days scanning a BBC panoramic HD photo of Daily Mail readers thronging the mall and manages to locate an idiot proudly waving a stick minus his flag attachment.

Kjetil Hoiseth (hz) kindly offers his Mumble server and also spends 47 minutes playing the ever popular TINAP game - ‘Listen to Andy swearing a lot and failing to configure his audio (again)’.

Andy celebrates his 30,000th dent and bores everyone rigid by reading out assorted highlights from his first 10,000.

'Innovation Watch' is hugely impressed by James Robertson's (jrobertson) recent attempts to remember 40 random numbers overnight and David senses a business opportunity here as a lastpass alternative.

We wonder whether Google’s Chromebook will appeal to Auntie Betty and Uncle Harry and whether a price of £349 is too much for Yorkshire people.

The inevitable Gnome 3/Unity discussion ensues and Ed impresses everyone with the fact that his Dad is a serial distro hopper.

Episode 5 - ‘Canny Bag O’Tudor’ (1h 10m 03s).

Ogg (mono): TINAP5.ogg (24.5MB)
Ogg (stereo): TINAP5stereo.ogg (28.9MB)
MP3 (mono): TINAP5.mp3 (24.1MB)

Running order

0:00 It’s a long story…
1:00 Press the eject button and stand well back
1:22 Welcome to Ed Morgan
2:49 Screaming baby alert
4:37 They shoot deserters don’t they?
5:34 Massive truncation of everything
6:27 The National Anthem
8:58 Sir George Michael of Hampstead Heath
11:08 The I Am Not Lefthanded fiasco
13:02 Something else we said we’d never ever do
14:00 Jon The Not So Nice Guy
15:04 Serial killers, beards and Germans
18:00 Disturbing feedback
20:50 When the boat comes in
22:50 Microsoft Skype
24:46 Listen to The Fall
28:08 Podcast Watch
31:20 Celebrity Watch
33:04 Alternative Vote
34:38 The Royal Wedding
37:19 This is episode 6
38:45 Waking up with a Haiku
40:35 Andy’s 30k dents
45:20 The Maxime Pelletier Slot
46:15 Innovation
48:18 Chromebook
52:23 Unity and Gnome 3
1:01:13 Internet dating
1:03:28 RIP Seve and ‘Enery
1:05:23 Football roundup
1:06:26 Fog On The Tyne

Further Reading

Kate Middleton wastes no time in getting down to her royal duties.

We attempt to appease Jon The Nice Guy (jontheniceguy) by mentioning his Top of the Creative Commons Music Charts site.

ScaryDuck notes a worrying but undeniable correlation between bearded people and prolific serial killers.

If you’ve never heard of The Fall before, people tend to love them or hate them. This video, from a recent show in Paris, gives a flavour of lead singer’s Mark. E Smith’s unique singing style, the current lineup and the superlative wall of noise.

A couple of brave United fans display a ‘19’ banner at Anfield during ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

#4 - One Take, No Overdubs

The intrepid trio produce episode 4 using Mumble, an open source VOIP technology. This strategic decision costs TINAP £750,000 in lost sponsorship from Skype but that’s the price you pay to fully embrace freedom.

Luke is fairly subdued after getting his GSOC application rejection letter and drinking large quantities of absinthe the night before.

In a effort to create recursive meta-meta recursion and avoid paying any more royalties, David creates some genuine real-life feedback for the ‘Feedback’ section using an electric guitar.

Prompted by Marie Axelsson, the chaps convene an Extraordinary General Meeting live on-air to discuss whether the pros and cons of the Flattr micro-payment system and why Andy’s OCD means a Flattr badge is unlikely to appear on the TINAP site.

Andy foolishly writes his own P45 by discussing Oracle’s decision to reliquish control of OpenOffice but thinks whispering will help.

Andy reviews Android clients for identi.ca, feels slightly queasy at the amount of Twitter-speak he encounters and ultimately finds no compelling application to dislodge the wonderful Mustard.

We confront the thorny issue of meta micro blogcasting, addiction and, unlike many podcasts, provide Samaritans style guidance on how to cope with suicidal feelings.

We are forced to confront an oversized grey animal sitting quietly in the corner of the studio and Luke separates Josh and Gordon outside a virtual public house, screaming ‘Come on now. Come on. Just leave it. He’s not worth it, mate’.

'Podcast Watch' unearths a gem of a podcast from Down Under complete with suboptimal audio, hilarious show notes and two men babbling on and laughing at their own jokes. Kudos to Matthew Davidson and Ruben who produce the wonderful Sawtell podcast. In fact, it's so good we immediately launched a successful DDOS attack to bring their servers down.

Luke enjoys the monthly Libre.fm podcast which showcases the most popular freely available music while David hates all podcasts and podcasters.

David and Andy both enjoyed the simultaneous video and audio streams from the Rathole Radio Live gig from Liverpool but were unable to attend the event in person due to their Mancunian accents.

In response to popular demand, the football section is extended to cover the exciting climax to the domestic season, Champions League semi-finals and the outpourings of idiotic footballers on Twitter.

In other news, Andy has secured a second mortgage and applied in the ballot for London 2012 Olympics tickets primarily to see girls in leotards and men sporting miniscule Speedo swimming trunks.

Episode 4 - ‘One take, no overdubs’ (1h 11m 0s).

Ogg (mono): TINAP4.ogg (23.2MB)
Ogg (stereo): TINAP4stereo.ogg (27.2MB)
MP3 (mono): TINAP4.mp3 (24.4MB)

Running order

0:00 A message from our sponsors
0:40 Ready to Mumble
1:17 Andy’s impressions
2:39 Why we use Mumble
3:39 Luke’s GSoC #fail
4:44 Our Mumble set up
5:50 Getting started with Mumble
7:03 Mumble features
7:54 Top secret guest list
8:28 Live feedback
9:40 How did I miss this?
11:16 My work here is done
12:50 Monetising TINAP
13:50 Megapayments > Flattr
20:27 Oracle and OpenOffice.org
23:32 Status Net clients for Android
26:07 IdentiCurse for Android ‘not really very useful’
26:50 Identi.ca killed my blog
33:45 Cold turkey, addiction and suicide
36:20 The elephant in the room
40:56 Sawtel podcast
43:36 Libre.fm podcast
44:27 Rathole Radio Live
45:43 The Place That Won’t Take Me Back by I Am Not Lefthanded
51:01 Rowche Mumble
53:16 Denticator all time world wankings
54:24 The Fall’s Rowche Rumble
56:10 Welsh sports roundup
56:33 Girls in leotards / Olympic tickets update
1:00:26 Tick tock
1:02:13 Footballing Twitters
1:03:56 Imploding Arsenal
1:07:12 ‘United’ TV drama
1:09:55 The Royal Wedding
1:10:49 Outtakes

Further Reading

Mumble - the only game in town for open source VOIP. This episode used a free 10 slot Mumble server kindly provided by our new sponsors, UK Game.

A proud moment - identi.ca founder Evan bookmarks TINAP with the immortal tag #howdidimissthis.

ArseTechnica’s coverage of Oracle’s decision to relinquish control of OpenOffice and hand it over to the community.

Maloki is in charge of FlattrChattr and Linux Outlaws used Flattr to help fund the Minecraft server

StatusNet have had five projects accepted for the Google Summer of Code 2011.

StatusNet clients for Android

We are forced to confront the elephant in the corner of the room.

If you missed the excellent Rathole Radio Live, episode 51 of the podcast includes a comprehensive roundup including the sets from all three bands.

Music - ‘The Place That Won’t Take Me Back’ by the wonderful ‘I Am Not Left Handed

Matthew and Ruben's excellent Sawtell podcast and the Libre.fm podcast.

Another reason not to use Twitter. Wayne Rooney [although the account appears to have been subsequently removed] is there but Darron Gibson picked up his ball and went home.

David (‘Mystic Meg’) forecasted the outcome of Arsenal’s season a full 8 months ago.

BBC‘s powerful and moving drama - United tells the story of the Munich air crash in 1958 where 23 people lost their lives.

#3 - my unicycle has a puncture

David foolishly upgraded to Skype 2.2 beta and lost the ability to speak. This hiccup nearly sabotaged episode 3 and embarrassed us as we welcome Gordon Sinclair (thistleweb) as our first guest on the virtual sofa.

Gordon’s an experienced podcaster on TechBytes and Hacker Public Radio and has also produced a series of excellent screencasts which are invaluable for any novice/intermediate Mint and Drupal users.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of dearly, departed listener Maxime Pelletier. To paraphrase the CRM saying, ‘It takes years to acquire a new listener and seconds to lose one’.

His damning words still haunt us so we open the broadcast in French just for Maxime.

Sorry, but can’t listen to the first episode of #tinap. It’s giving me an headache.

Inspired by episode 200 of Linux Outlaws and in answer to hundreds of enquiries from listeners (‘How the hell do you produce audio of that quality ?’), we describe the comprehensive and expensive studio setup and audio equipment that powers ‘This Is Not A Podcast’.

Clearly this is very complicated to describe so David helpfully created a ‘schematic’ to illustrate our infrastructure.

We bask in the glory of our first written review from Dick Turpin who loves the ‘running order’ and celebrate the creation of the !tinap group on identi.ca.

We discuss whether Direct Messages are useful and consider Bradley Kuhn’s idea for a ‘Must Read’ list which is coming in StatusNet 1.0.

We commit to taking frostbite up on his very kind offer of making a Mumble server available that may meet our simple podcasting needs. Mumble/Murmur is an open source VOIP solution that may enable us to uninstall Skype and lose that lucrative sponsorship deal.

Oil is poured over recent controversies regarding Skype (yawn), KDE versus Gnome and CrunchBang’s decision to use BitTorrent as the sole means of distribution.

In response to feedback, the unpopular ‘Sport’ section completely ignores football and focusses instead on Sheepdog Trials in Wales.

Episode 3 - ‘My Unicycle Has A Puncture’ (54m 57s).

Ogg (mono): TINAP3mono.ogg (13.7MB)

Ogg (stereo): TINAP3.ogg (17.7MB)

MP3 (mono): TINAP3.mp3 (18.7MB)

Communitise the community and use BitTorrent.

Running order (accurate to 1/10 second)

00:00 Mon monocycle a une crevaison
00:26 Och aye the noo, Gordon!
01:15 TechBytes
02:24 Hacker Public Radio
03:03 Linux Mint and Drupal
04:19 TINAP Sound System
05:09 I don’t really want to bring it to people’s attention
05:41 I thought it was some phallic symbol
06:32 Stereo for life
08:11 It was a bit ropey
09:52 @dickturpin’s review
11:44 How to deal with a bad review
12:02 Free sex
13:16 We’re all big boys and we can take it
13:41 Short fat hairy legs
15:11 Where recursive acronyms lead
16:38 I’m not Welsh!
17:45 A bit like the French
19:01 The best thing to come out of Scotland
20:03 The mouse in my room
21:18 Andy’s Inner Circle of Trust vapourware
22:55 Identica > Twitter
23:57 I’m taking my bra off
25:15 Self-promotion
26:32 Kevin Smith
27:33 Skype is the only game in town
29:13 We’ve got a very strict timetable
30:42 Skype War
33:00 Rowche Mumble
34:07 KDE War
36:59 OpenSuse 11.4
37:42 Gloating GNOME people
38:15 Torrentgate
40:13 CrunchBang
42:10 Ubuntu GNOME Remix and Elementary OS
43:52 Sheep shaving and Caerphilly cheese
46:09 Yoga not yoghurt
47:03 Tea break
48:11 Has Fernando Torres Scored For Chelsea? (via @rpcutts http://identi.ca/notice/70933762 )
49:15 Any predictions, Luke?
50:12 Music - ‘Jimmy Carter’ by 20lb Sounds
54:02 Outtakes

Further Reading

Many thanks to our special guest Gordon for appearing on the show. Gordon has produced a series of excellent Drupal/Mint screencasts and blogs over at Digital Prism. Gordon also presents a podcast which is a podcast - TechBytes.

Dick Turpin (who is not an ageing, bald headed highwayman from Wolverhampton) was kind enough to post a detailed review of ‘This Is Not A Podcast’.

Stav created an identi.ca group !tinap for tinap enthusiasts with a brilliant logo.

Richard makes Andy’s life complete by inventing a recursive acronym for ‘tinap’.

Gordon recommends two British TV comedies - ‘Absolutely’ and ‘Still Game’ and would like film producer Kevin Smith (Smodcast) to have a presence on identi.ca.

Jonathan, who produces a series of ‘This Week in…’ podcasts kindly offers TINAP access to a Mumble server to evaluate this open source VOIP technology.

This week’s heated discussions on identi.ca

  • Skype (again).
  • The tricky first release of a major desktop environment - KDE/Gnome.
  • Torrentgate and Phillp’s decision to distribute CrunchBang using BitTorrent only.

David is ‘keeping an eye on’ Ubuntu Gnome Remix. [The phrase ‘keeping an eye on’ is © Linux Outlaws and appears with kind permission of Dan.]

Bradley Kuhn’s suggestion for a ‘Must Read’ list and Evan’s response with similar functionality coming in StatusNet 1.0.

Andy’s logical extrapolation of this concept is the ‘Inner Circle of Trust’.

#2 - The Awkward Second Episode

Andy’s idiotic decision to run ‘yum update’, within hours of the broadcast, screws his Fedora 15 (‘Mother’s Meaty Beefballs’) laptop up completely but David saves the situation by recommending he uses his Android phone to preserve his suboptimal audio quality and high dropout rate.

Luke decides to abstain by drinking Diet Coke while Andy and David slowly get inebriated to numb the pain.

The Unholy Triumvirate review (mostly positive) feedback from listeners for episode 1 so thanks to all of you who listened and contributed.

We are delighted to discover than Google Listen delivers the damning verdict: “‘This is not a podcast’ is not recognised as a podcast”. Comprehensive testing shows that most podcatchers and RSS readers work fine with TINAP while all the rubbish ones don’t.

Luke talks about the application process for the Google Summer of Code, we all take a look at the recently released Habari 0.7 blogging platform and Andy gives his first impressions of the Gnome 3 desktop environment.

Fab is not mentioned in this episode at all. Well not often anyway.

We then correctly forecast the results of all this week’s Champions League fixtures and look at Michael Jackson’s erection in South West London.

David ponders on the relative lack of coverage on identi.ca of the situation in Libya and Andy explodes on a political rant and then drops off (again).

This podcast is all about freedom so, in an exciting development, this episode is now available in glorious stereo and good old fashioned mono. Just hunt high and low for a ‘Mono’ button on your music player and your channels will be equalised.

Episode #2 File: TINAP2.ogg Duration: 1h 12m 30s Size: 28.8 MB

MP3: TINAP2.mp3 Size: 24.9 MB

This is not a podcast is not in stereo for all the mono lovers.

0:00 Jambo!
0:50 Lenny Henry’s purple hotel chain
1:20 Corenominal’s mo-no button
1:42 In Belgium they speak several different languages
2:03 Is this show just gonna be ‘what Fab said next’?
2:56 Getting down with the kidz
3:25 How to make a podcast
4:14 From The Pub
5:14 Configuring Arch
6:44 #tinap feedback
7:40 The winner of the first TINAP free draw
8:40 Thank you to everyone who listened
8:55 The Identi.ca review show
9:49 One of the few people whose business is up
10:18 The vision
11:06 Do you know any pilots?
12:23 Country yokel special
13:02 The posh show with Luke
13:16 Don’t make episode 2
14:10 The show must go on
14:44 Some other things that didn’t work #metapodacasting
15:13 This is not a podcast is not recognised as a podcast
16:23 Nothing to do with lingerie
17:15 It’s not worth repeating
17:57 LOL :D
18:53 Habari?
20:08 Wordpress
20:57 Using and contributing to the Habari project
25:43 Developments on Identi.ca
26:24 Google Summer of Code
27:53 Libre.fm and GNU Social
28:25 Freelish.us
29:28 The linkblogger king from Australia
30:15 Hampr.com
30:42 It’s totally, totally awesome!
31:40 The reason I stopped using bookmarks
32:17 Diigo
32:58 He had a Brazilian did he?
33:27 Frank’s red jelly castle
34:31 Congratulations to Robyn and Becky
35:22 Move to Wales and walk up hills
37:00 First against the wall !fatw
37:57 What. Fuck. What.
38:48 What was that wailing noise?
39:26 The difference between !groups and #tags
39:52 TechBytes podcast
40:25 I am !enraged! !ffs
41:20 GNOME 3
43:10 Unity
44:11 April Fools
45:38 Swift
46:00 Brion Vibber joining Gwibber?
46:11 We’ve had enough of your attention seeking
46:55 With your trilby hat on and your bayonet
48:02 Torres hasn’t scored yet
48:57 The massacre of Upton Park
49:46 Michael Jackson’s erection
50:21 The Aussie captain who lost three Ashes series
50:54 London Olympics 2012
51:34 FIFA 09
52:00 Luke and the sheepdog trials
52:27 What’s telematics?
53:15 Clive King
55:30 The awkward second unarmed uprising syndrome #libya
60:15 Fire drill
1:01:02 !Listening to #music
1:01:33 Björn & Gorden - Electrr - IV
1:04:54 Violet Youth - Together
1:10:22 Donations
1:10:34 How to deal with a bad review
1:10:59 We need to start loving each other a bit more
1:11:48 One day I’ll be like the rest of you and normal
1:12:10 Outtakes

Interesting links

How to make a podcast (Episode 200, soon to be released)by Linux Outlaws.

From The Pub, Adam Wilcox’s podcast.

Feedback for the show in Identi.ca.

Becky puts us to shame by running a long way. You can still sponsor Becky’s effort for charity.

Robyn also completes a marathon while her lesser half Frank sits at home building castles made out of cheese skins, listening to The Fall asking ‘When will dinner be ready ?’

Rob Connolly is busy working on an Android podcatcher called SwallowCatcher.

Habari - a blogging platform with a minimalist GUI and a lean core written in Object Oriented PHP. Habari also includes a brilliant community providing help, support and jokes. Habari 0.7 was released last week.

Adam WIlcox’s useful tips on podcasting using Tumblr and his own ‘From The Pub' podcast.

Status Net announce Freelish.us and the world says ‘Is this an April Fool ?’

Hampr is an alternative bookmarks manager that uses a Firefox extension (rather than a bookmarklet) developed by fo0bar.

XMPP enthusiasts might be interested in Swift - a new XMPP client developed by remko and kevin.

Andy proudly takes delivery of the Exadata rack for Linux Outlaws.

The origins of the This is not a podcast ‘Vision’. Inevitably, this was a piss-take.

Luke attends a talk by Clive King of Sun about the complexity of different programming languages.

Unfortunately, the book review where the author popped in to respond with ‘Fuck off’ has now been removed but it will live long in the memory. And the Google cache.

Follow http://exador.status.net/ for Libya updates.

thistleweb's excellent set of screencasts on Drupal and Mint and the TechBytes podcast.

Musical credits

Together' by Violet Youth.

Björn & Gorden - Electrr - IV

#1 - Operation Sandbags At Dawn

In this inaugural episode, David, Luke and Andy conquer technology and eventually manage to talk to each other using a variety of VOIP technologies. David then succeeds in recording the resulting antics.

This bizarre ‘Menage A Trois’ address the thorny issue of naming this podcast and take a light hearted look at recent events on identi.ca, stir up recent flame fests passionate discussions, ponder on the attractions of Minecraft and then pay a fulsome tribute to the best dent of all time as well as a fleeting look at football and politics.

The spontaneous and unexpected interruptions for the fire alarm and room service were not beautifully crafted comedy moments - just a welcome accident of timing.

This broadcast was conducted via freedom hating (and new sponsors) Skype complete in full Dolby stereo. The audio quality is pretty good given Andy was located deep in Osama Bin Laden’s cave with a kettle on his head.

Kudos to David for a sterling job on the incredibly time consuming and tedious task of converting Gigabytes of rambling, stuttering audio from a short 3 minute show with 72 minutes of out-takes into what became episode #1.

The main driver behind this experiment was purely the fun and enjoyment we all get from the discussions and interesting people on identi.ca. Many thanks to all the folk who post there and to Evan and the StatusNet team for creating this open source micro blogging platform which made it all possible.

We’re new to this. We made a few (lots - Ed) mistakes. We’re not professional podcasters. We don’t use studio microphones. We don’t record separate audio streams. We’re unlikely to be able to give up our day jobs.

However, if you have anything to say; constructive, abusive or anything inbetween, please run, don’t walk, to the ‘Feedback' section.

Episode #1 File: TINAP1.ogg Duration: 1h 12m 24s Size: 17.5 MB

MP3: TINAP1.mp3 Size: 24.6MB

This is not a podcast is not in stereo for all the mono lovers.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Protesting about not being able to protest
01:10 I am probably angry about something
02:17 The Hound of the Baskervilles
04:32 Good moaning Vietnam
05:10 I’m about to carry a bag of sand
06:00 Blinking morse code
06:40 This is not a podcast
07:20 Operation Sandbags At Dawn
07:28 Another Freedom do - Flaming Fab
08:07 Endorsing OggComp and Oracle’s commitment to Freedom
09:25 I believe I was inebriated at the time
10:35 <Skype endorsement>
11:57 Ruby dicks
12:19 Holy nuclear war
13:43 <Skype enforcement>
14:46 Ruby dickheads
15:12 You’re still angry - you’re just worse at it
15:32 RMS
17:10 Twitter migration
18:58 Spam
20:18 !Twitterfree
22:25 Scores on the Doors
24:28 Time travel
25:50 Fire drill
26:08 Where were we?
27:30 #whyidenticarocks
28:57 The new Identica
30:25 StatusNet 1.0 - fork it!
33:53 API - in Evan we trust
35:07 #s Hashtags
35:52 #disturbing
36:54 Popey and Fab have agreed about something
37:23 That is all
37:59 Someone’s gone off to the east!
39:20 Room service
40:22 And suddenly, it’s 4am three weeks later
41:44 #Whinecraft
44:17 Mr & Mrs
45:09 Fuck the system
48:42 We just need another flame war
49:17 And then these fucking horrendous bras arrived
50:33 Lock up your daughters
51:20 Learning how to use Unix systems
52:40 Can anyone remember what I just said?
54:17 For God’s sake, talk to people!
56:05 The British Broadcasting Cunts
58:20 Aberystwyth riots
59:25 Pissed off with the police
1:00:02 Cambridge riots
1:00:50 London riots
1:01:44 <Endorsing acupuncture>
1:02:01 Benefit scrounging scum
1:03:36 I will get it up at some point
1:04:21 Welfare to work
1:05:44 #BigSociety
1:07:14 The Wolfman of Alberquerque
1:08:00 On the way out with Mario Bibotelli
1:10:56 I was not fazed in the slightest
1:11:41 Outtakes

Further reading

We fully appreciate you may not use identi.ca and even if you do, you may not read every single dent posted by every single person so here’s some handy links to the various issues discussed.

If you see a story below and think ‘Hey - they never discussed that’, well we did so turn your computer off, turn the TV/boyfriend/husband/partner off and listen to the entire show again. From the start. Carefully.

  • Simon Phipps’ article on the dangers of Skype which led to this monster thread on identi.ca. Incidentally, this is an excellent example of threaded conversations on identi.ca.
  • Andy’s ill considered blog post chastising Sarah Baskerville.
  • The StatusNet Wiki page with the ‘rationale’ for the 0.9.7 Navigation and UI changes.
  • The legendary ‘I’m about to carry a bag of sand’ dent from James Robertson.
  • Self driven helicopters do actually exist.
  • A tantalising preview of what Status Net 1.0 may look like.
  • Fab gives us a Minecraft tour and doesn’t walk too far to the East.
  • Luke’s interview with RMS who uses the TricklePost utility to automate posting to identi.ca.
  • A penetration tester completes his UK census form.
  • The never ending struggles of Mario Bibotelli.